Wednesday, July 28, 2010

ice room, bangi

1st of all...tauwfiq is back from uk..not ulu klang k..haha...he is my BFF's again if ur confused!! :) we met up..all 7 of us...since he jus came back n he wanted to pay the bill...hehe..he can choose the place to eat..ICE ROOM!! its new!

looks new n cosy rite?

grab the menu n order..haha

this place is more of simple asian food...the food is yummy too! my gums were not too good that day..swollen.. :( so i chose porridge..

look like sick people food..haha..but dun taste like one!

chah's spicy noodles!! more like wan tan mee..hehe

this looks good n taste awesome!! hehe..bento!

 haha..not sure wat he ordered..sum mee soup i tink! haha

i hope nissa din order her drinks to match her clothes..=P

 ahhh!!! monster bali..
the way he ate..proves how delicious his lamb chop was!

mango ice blend..this is their speciality!! yum~!

since its a gathering..of coz funny n sweet moments must b photo time!!!! snap snap snap...

looking tru the counter

gay moments..hehe

 me with mr ice.. :)

a happy gathering...*mr prem is missing*


muke tak puas hati nk belanje..haha
thanks tauwfiq anyway!!! =P

-thanks faithful listener-

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