Tuesday, July 20, 2010

fullhouse, sunway pyramid

time with my girls is alwayz F.U.N!!!

~ 11th July 2010 ~

(hmmm..since there are many pictures..lets the pictures do the talking..hehe)

it was a sunday...

i picked the girls up n vrrooommm...
off to sunway pyramid!

hungry smiling faces.. ;p

its a must stop n stare! haha
ok-ok..no more pics..were is fullhouse??

found it! this car is their 'landmark'

waiter waiter...menu please!

1 chicken chop set!

2 grilled fish sets!

1 bbq chicken set!

the food did take sumtime to arrive...but cant blame them..
the place was FULLHOUSE!!!
so we went for photo sessions 1st..hehe

checking my food in the kitchen :)

asking the waiter to move faster..hehe

this must b the owner..haha

i love this area..so sakura-sy!

i tried many accesories..n i love this!!!


ok-ok..back to food...is it here already???

time to nyom nyom nyom..hehe
it was yummy..the mash potato is creamy..wee~!

our sets came with mini cakes too..
sweet tooth!

all together our bil for 4 pax was around RM150...
affordable! thanks husna!! (our mama 4 the day!)

thumbs up!!
*big smiles of satisfaction*

las shot b4 we go shopping!!!

p/s: thanks husna for the lunch & pictures!

-thanks faithful listener-

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