Wednesday, December 30, 2009

las few days.....

i jus came back to kl las sunday...i did have fun in penang celebrating christmas with my family...besides the normal rountine of christmas preparation like cleaning the house, cooking simple food, decorating the cmas tree...i found sumthing new this time..hehe..


i learnt how to make cute key chains and decorations...

mr baa baa black sheep..hehe

mr cute snowie..

♥ specially customized ♥

are they cute??? i enjoyed being creative with those colourful clay...bees n sheep has a special meaning to me..but its so hard to find..n now i can make my own key so so excited!! :)

i oso attended my frens bday party the nite b4 coming home..i knew the bday gurl, deriss since kindergarden..her mum n my mum were i knew her since very very young.. :P she now turned 19!!! blessed birthday!!!

paparazzi shot!

her cake wit australian candles..hehe

for a couple of weeks..i haf been spending time with a bunch of 'close to heart' people..i had so much fun being around them..i enjoyed myself n im so glad we felt comfortable with each other... :) we even cooked, went shopping, swimming and had meals together..i jus loved those moments..felt like a family.. ♥

we went swimming..hehe

im so happy that things are now falling back into so happy that im starting to c my prayers coming to pass..thank u Lord.. :) please continue to be the center of my life.. gotta sleep d..nites peeps!!!!

-thanks faithful listener-


  1. i want butterfly!!make it cute ok?haha

  2. dh bwat dh chah!!!! i hope its cute...hehehhee :)

  3. yer..can i order? willing to pay ^^

  4. order??? order wat? the keychain? i jus depend on the design la not pro..haha :P