Wednesday, December 9, 2009

carolling @ starbucks!!!

thanks to mark's cousin sister..we were invited to carol in her branch in mont kiara..a very nice posh place.. :) on friday evening after much promises with our directors..we were allowed to go n drink coffee n play some games..hehe..stress relieving!!!!

we convoy around 8!!! n it was hectic deciding wer to go b4 entering the plaza's carpark because if we entered after 6 it wud b RM1 only..if not its RM2 per hour..but since no one cud make a decision..we ended up parking early n my fee was!!!! really posh huh? haha... :P

the girls...

we had sum free time b4 we had to meet up to rehearse our we actually walked all the way to sri hartamas..nothing much there la..a lot of mamak n boutiques ni...haihz...

me with jess, daniel, mark, aaron n baby teo..

b4 we started..we had to register our names for games.. :) n we definately had lots of fun..we had 3 groups..muan jai, kitamu, sumatera...

c our group stickers..

we played 3 games..the newspaper dance..decorating a human christmas tree..guessing the christmas object..oh in muan jai!!! n we wont the guessing object game!!! :)

c our christmas tree..haha

well done muan jai!!!

after games..n a short session of was coffee tasting time!! altho i was not a fan of coffee..i did learn sumthing like the 4 steps of drinking coffee..

1) smell with 3/4 of the cup closed
2) take a slurp
3) taste the coffee around the tongue
4) enjoy the coffee

i like the latte most.. ♥

after dining on the many choices of pastries starbucks was time for our last carolling session...awwwww....

♬ we wish u a merry christmas ♬

since it was nearing the day of our play..things were getting a lil tensed up..n this opportunity is really helped us relief stress..n of coz bonded more!! :) thanks so much starbucks for this great time together!!!!

our welcoming gifts..i love the cmas cake! yum..

-thanks faithful listener-

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