Friday, December 11, 2009

the unsung melody... ♪

finally after so many weeks of practicing..its time for us to perform!!! b4 starting..every1 promised to put their best shot on stage..i remember daniel warning me " gonna bully u kau kau.."... :P

wonder wats the story about??? read on......

back in 1950s..i was born..n i was not crying..n i haf a retarded bro who started singing beside me in the hospital n suddenly i started crying!!! miracle rite??? :)

den mummy send me 2 a school number 1 from the bottom..haha

n i dated with the guy who protected me from bullies.. :P

n we got married!!!

n after the wedding..he left for war..huhu..there he changed due to a post war syndrome..he became a drunken n he found another woman at the bar!!! :(

he hated my retarded brother n left me for the other woman..

life was hard after he left..we survived on meals at the soup kitchen

thank God for my brother..he made a music box for cmas for my daughter..

one day wen 'my husband' was drunk..he chased my brother out from home!!! he told him not to b a burden to me anymore n he shud run far far away..n being retarded..he went missing..n i was really sad!! :(

i was getting ready for cmas shopping with my daughter

suddenly 'my husband' came back sending me good news..he haf found my brother..his passion for music has got him a place in the msian symphonic orchestra!!! wooow!!!

the masked orchestra...

we finally reunite!!! :)

thats THE UNSUNG MELODY!!!!!! :) it was named after the song my brother sang to me wen i was born... :)

the cast n costumes crew..


my dramatic family... :)

this year we are gonna haf 2 im soon gonna b on my way to muadzam, pahang for our nex show..wish us luck n do pray for us to reach safely (pray he reaches ipoh n back to kl safely too..♥) .. :P hopefully i will haf time 2 update u guys there..but i kinda doubting it..haha..

BYE peeps..........

-thanks faithful listener-

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