Friday, December 11, 2009

mid nite @ mid valley

after techflow..a few of us went for movie at mid valley...we decided to watch the 3d movie.. "a christmas carol"...the movie was nice..n its jus so christmasy mood!! :)

after the movie..we decided to have a look at the center court cmas decorations..n altho its late..we had so much one was around us..except a security we happily snapped pics in so many different was FUN!!!!!! :P n i was surprise how the 2 guys..daniel n 'sebastian' cud blend in the photo sessions excitedly..i tot guys din like taking i was wrong!! :P

south court cmas tree..its tall!!

their theme: ancient palace..

royals of mid valley..haha

im sure we will never pose like this if there are other shoppers around.. :P

c how the guys!!

jump!!! weee~!


nex top model?? haha

miss daniel-y and mr mark... :D

we definately had lots of fun snapping our way tru..i think we took about 20 to 30 a professional photography session..hehe..this added our cmas spirit!!! im really looking forward for cmas...wonder wil there b any cmas gifts this year... :) *im looking forward to snap snap snap with 'you'*

-thanks secret keeper-

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  1. huhuhu....sob sob...JeaLousNye!!!!