Sunday, December 20, 2009

its your special day!!!! :: ♥ ::

blessed bday!!

ur 23!!!! hehe...old d lor.. :P can u guys c his cheeky face!! this proofs 23 is jus a number..haha.. :D this guy is the closest fren i ever had..a great lepak partner..a good advisor (grumpy one..haha)..

he is one who is nice to go 'kai kai' with..he can tolerate the length a girl needs to shop..hehehe... *thumbs up* and do u noe he is kinda creative??? haha... (trying hard to b one..)

painting a coin box

oh ya..he is a kid at heart too...lovable fren!!!! :) he can joke and play childish games along.. (but not for long..)

exactly a year ago :)

balloon tyme!! got it from the 'clown' beside me..haha

besides goin 'kai kai'..he is also fun 2 b around with... :) he will make jokes dat makes u laugh n stay young!!! hehehehe... :P he alwiz cheers me up!


batu feringgi

mr eskimo!!! or is he a polar bear?? haha

up n down!!! weee~!

oh ya..that pic reminds me of more nice point bout this guy is he is the best roller coaster partner any1 can find..he plays all sort of scary games with me..n we went on g-force together too!!!! i cant wait for another day to go on another roller coaster with him!!! :)

i had a great weekend celebrating ur bday..i hope u enjoyed it as much as i did.. :) u blew the candles twice..i hope all ur wishes come tru.. (thats if u really made wishes..hehe)

from me to u.. ♥


:: *hugs & kisses* ::

-thanks faithful listener-

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