Tuesday, December 8, 2009

the great bonding sessions.....

today is finally the day..8pm tonite to b exact..for those who do not know wats gonna happen..uniten's christian fellowship is having a production..a christmas musical play..wonder wats the storyline about?? come watch 2nite..8pm @ DSS (uniten's main hall)...

we had a total of 3 intensive weeks..practice practice n practice...but we oso manage to steal some late nites 2 bond with each other..n its really FUN...i wonder blog much in this post..let the pics tell the story...hehehe :)

mamak sessions..remember the story of josh n daniel? haha

i got a free mango special due to a cut..huhu

all of us at williams...

playing the strength..weee~!

punch guys!! wachaaa...

mark cant rempit..proven!!

the guys won..huhu.. :(

we enjoyed ourselves!!! :D

we need a hair cut!!! need to look good on stage..hehe

in the process...hehehe :)

do we look better?? :P

we did have lots of fun..din we?? hehehe...im definitely looking forward for more after the play..n Lord..i pray for tonite to b a sucess..pls be with all the cast and crew..may everythin we do b pleasing to ur eyes...guide us Lord..AMEN!!!!

okie..i gotta go practice d!!! bye.........c u guys tonite!!! :)

-thanks faithful listener-


  1. woohoo...nice one! LOL hey this blog really brings back alot of memories Val. From intensive all the way to the big day....nice bonding :) thx for all the rides to practices Val :D

  2. ur welcome...we shud continue to bond like this even wen practices are over... :) it wud b fun!!!!! :P

  3. hehe...yea sure...i'll try not to be a BIG senju....hehe...something to compliment...your blog is really nice to read!!! hehehehe