Tuesday, April 19, 2011

perak with my girlfriends.. =)

me . yati . aisyah . nissa has finally finished our exams and our thesis..so it was time for a little holiday!!! out of kl.. =) we were kinda deciding on perak or cameron highlands..n finally perak!!! weee~!

here we come!!!!!
we stayed for a nite in the alpine village apartment..nice.. =)

our 1st place to visit..
lost world of tambun!!!!!!

girls are ready!

guys ready?? hmmm..trying to b macho huh? hehe

flying ships to warm up..hehe

we sat on a tram as well n stopped for a tiger trick show
sultan and rahman was really obedient!

time to hit the water!! splash!!
the water roller coasters was amazing....weee~!

we enjoyed the babypool and hot hot pool as well..

the hotest temperature pool ever!!!

gonna miss u girls!! huhu...
*missing u now*

all tahan-ing panas!! hahaha

we had soooo much fun here! thanks lost world!!! =)

after having so much fun..climbing ladders to slide down..gosh!! we were hungry!!! so we decided to drive around and ended up in simpang tiga restoran in ipoh..after that we went to dataran ipoh night market..

our many dishes dinner..yum!


*next day*

off to lata kinjang!!

with the south east asia's highest fall..weee~!

we definitely had loads of fun!!!!

we were having so much fun till a strange and scary tragedy happened =( a boy fell from a higher tier and passed away there and then..huhu...rest in peace guy!

on our way back to kl we had pau yik mun!!
nyum nyum! =)

I'm Already Looking Forward To Another Trip!!!


-thanks faithful listener-

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