Wednesday, April 27, 2011

universal studio singapore!!

2nd day in singapore and we are gonna spend the whole day is unversal studio!!! n it was great!!! u can never feel bored in here!!! =) by the way..the ticket during peak season was S$72..we were there on good friday!! their public holiday..but universal studio was very kind..they extending the ride operating hours to 9pm instead of 7pm!! so we went on all!! weee~!

the ever famous landmark!! =)

we were welcomed by woody-wood-pecker

love the english architecture..nice!

we decided to start off with a little slower rides to the crazy spinning over turning rides!! ahhhhhh! scary but i wanna go on i hold responsible if my heart drops out..haha =P

time to feel up our tummies b4 our crazy rides..
we were @ mel's diner...
one burger set cost about S$15

going on a roller flyer..reverse way!! ahhhh!

and now this CRAZY roller coaster
ahhhhhhh!!! screams all the way!
this is the best ride of the day!! weeee~!

after we were done with most of the scary was time to enjoy some shows..we walked from parks to parks and waited for the street them! love meeting all my favorite characters! =)

i like to move it move it! =)

is this counted??
baby dinosaur from jurasic park?? =P

marilyn monroe...phewitt! betty boop! =)

waa cha!!!
kung fu panda!!! so cute!!

it was a great day!! walking around with a map and many many showtimes and queuing up many hours of queues...felt like a tourist!!! =) wat a great day and it ended with a BANG!!! lakeside fireworks show! =)

-thanks faithful listener-

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