Thursday, April 28, 2011

hello animals of singapore!

this is our 3rd day in is gonna b a little closer to animals instead of roller coasters..hehe..we had two days of crazy fun is gonna b an animal old macdonald farm!! animals here and there..haha.. =P

our 1st place for the day..bugis street!
here is where i bought all my souvenirs
there is a shop that even sells 3 tees for S$10!!

 had lunch at bugis food court!
din really like my choice of lunch..but it was really cheap! =)

now the animal fun begins...we are off to jurong bird park!! =) this was also our 1st time to use the public bus..jurong is really far from clarke quay where our hotel was located..

hello pingu!

look at the cutie penguins swimming!!!

the most elegant flamingos

a must have picture of us at the lake! =)

oooo...feeding time for the pelicans!!
they eat 32 kg of fish a day!! wow!

after 3 hours of was time for some wild animals...we headed off to the night safari..but we were kinda early since it only opens at 7pm..

at the night safari..
the place where the lion sleeps tonite! =)

had my 1st ben & jerry ice cream..yummy!
*coughs getting worse*

we were in a cave in one of the walking trails..
there were bats!!! ahhhh!

we had lots of fun watching smart animals performing tricks and fun in the night safari tram..there was a tapir only a foot away from where i was sitting...exciting!!! =)

-thanks faithful listener-

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