Friday, April 29, 2011

~final day in the merlion city~


in the morning we decided to go for easter service in the well known city harvest church.. =) the service was attended by 2000-3000 people!!! amazing!

look at the crowd!

it was a bilingual service
english & mandarin

there was a easter drama presentation too..
the whole drama was really entertaining..
the props were awesome!!! =)

soon it was time for lunch!!!
yummy steamboat!! =)

after was time to visit a few more attractions before heading to the airport.. =( huhu..i know im gonna miss this clean clean country..hehe =P

off to duck tours
our duckie was called katrina..haha

our duck could move on land and also water
this is us on the singapore river =)

next stop was marina sands sky park..56th floor!

check out the view!!!
amazing singapore...

dinner time!!!
seafood at jumbo!!!!
we had pumpkin crabmeat broth
brocolli with fresh scallops
chilli crabs
braised losbter!!!


after so much fun for 4 was time to head home...

headlines of the day:
our two frens missed their flights!! gosh!

-thanks faithful listener-

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