Wednesday, April 20, 2011

italian fine dining

im back in before i came back..we had an awesome romantic dinner together =) we chose Il Lido this time =)

this is the menu...
it was hard to chose due to the italian names..haha

our setting =)

we were served with bread and olive oil i think..
kinda yummy! but i prefer butter..haha =P

this was the chef's complimentary dish
-pan seared tuna-

we ordered our appetizers
-roasted scallops-

this is my main dish
-roast sirloin with parmesan cheese-

this is his main dish..the chef's recommendation
-i cant remember the name-

this is his choc molten lava!! pretty!

this is mine..cream brule..
yummy!! something i have alwiz heard from 'top chef'
hahahhaa =P

this is also complimentary from the chef
biscuits + white choc + dark choc

great food and romantic ambience

im a lucky girl!
thanks for the dress, my valentines gift! =)

♥ U

-thanks faithful listener-

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