Tuesday, April 26, 2011

play pass @ sentosa island

i jus came back from SINGAPORE!!!! weeee~! a trip that was long awaited for..i think almost 8 months ago we booked the flights..hehe...

getting on the mrt from the airport to the hotel in clarke quay
ruck sack inn..only S$30 per night..
awesome place!!!

had our lunch before goin to sentosa
chicken rice @ Seah Im

we are finally here!!!
thats the papa merlion =)

we bought a play pass
S$64 for 13 rides

up at the merlion tower

dark n luminous...
check out our teeth!! haha

took a lucky ticket from the merlion
it made me win a mouse pad..hehe

we went up to the mouth of the papa merlion

cute!! i like this picture! =)

look at the view from the papa merlion's head

next was the images of singapore
we had the chance to view many different traditions

ahhhh! fire walking by the indians..hehe

off to desperados...shoot shoot shoot!
lucky i was not awarded the donkey shooter..haha =P

zoom down the luge ride!! vroom!

my 1st time on a segway..FUN!
it needs a lot of balance but once i got a hang of it..
i din wanna let go!!! so nice!

my dinner..yummy!
only at S$8...burps!

the last fun for the day...
songs of the sea @ S$10
the fireworks and fountain was amazing!!!!

oh ya...all the mrt n SBS buses were free for us..
tourist pass @ S$24 for 3 days... =)

stay tune for more of singapore.......

-thanks faithful listeners-

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