Friday, April 29, 2011

the royal wedding: prince william & kate

i am soooo excited to be able to witness the royal wedding of the century..prince william and kate is getting married after seven years of dating..amazing faithfulness!! i love seeing them together as kate is a not sure if this is every girl's dream to marry a was my dream long time ago..but seeing all these protocols that comes together..i shall just be very very happy for them!! =)

the lovely bride and bridegroom to be

they dated like everyone else!!
i like that about them sooo much....

high school sweethearts!!

people around the world are soooo happy for them..including me!! hehe...their wedding is gonna b live on tv! wow! n im sooo sad i will b missing it cause i will b in my flight to hong kong.. =( their portraits were drawn in magazines, books and posters!!!!

cartoon prince will and kate..hehe

they definitely are so humble and keeping in simple! =)

there is even a game about their wedding!
gonna download it now..haha
 have a blessed marriage life prince and princess!!!


6pm in malaysia


-thanks faithful listener-

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