Wednesday, December 22, 2010

its your birthday!!

on the 20/12/1986 a great baby was born! =) and im lucky to have crossed paths with since it was his was time to we decided to try various restaurants the whole weekend..

this is our 1st dinner for the weekend
t-bowl @ sunway pyramid

look at our cheese baked rice in the toilet bowl..haha

"smelly" dessert..haha..

dun ask me where i got the appetite to eat..haha..but i finished my food!!! =) om nom nom nom!! next day..we went to empire gallery..had dinner there and did sum "partner in crime" stuff..haha =P

we dine at a thai restaurant this time..
P & V was here!

cozy and nice ambiance..but lack of privacy =(

our yummy orders!! burps...

we definitely had a fun time laughing at empire gallery..especially in the carrefour..haha =P we got enough boxes now!! the next day..its the real day!! time to get the preparations done..

birthday cake collected

present for him ready!

at night..we went for the 'birthday' dinner at look out point...panorama restaurant was the venue that we was okie..but kinda pricey!

it was a steep the stairs!

but the view was worth the climb

look at my hair!! urgh!
so untidy..all because of the strong wind..cold!

i had so much fun this weekend..i enjoyed myself planning this occasion..n i hope he enjoys it too!!! wishing him a prosperous and blessed year ahead!


 -thanks faithful listener-

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