Monday, December 6, 2010

pulau payar with besties!

we went to pulau payar...yes PULAU PAYAR!!!! i had so much fun altho i had sea was horrible..but the seas sick tablets made me so much i cud stil join in the fun!!!! =) thank God for the good weather and for the quick reaction to the medicine!! =)

@ port swettenham
the journey was 2 hours!!

we finally arrived at the platform
its Malaysia's 1st & only reef!!!

time 2 snorkel

we had extra time for leisure swim as well =)

after 2 hours of swimming..i had only an hour due to sea was time for was buffet lunch..dun ask me was it delicious..coz i din eat!! =( den we left on a small boat to the was gonna b a date with mr SHARKS!!!!

saw that?
they were about half my height!!!

we were really lucky to haf mr.diver volunteer to take us snorkeling at the deeper was about a hand long away from mr shark!! uuuwww!! my heart was dup-dap-dup-dap!! =/

guess wat!! after the encounter with mr shark..i had to more jus joking..the headache is gone because im on steady ground.. =) time to relax near the beach!

feeding the little fishes..ticklish!! =)

mr diver gave us a sea cucumber..
it feels like jelly! hahaha...

our holiday ended with a BANG!!!!

-thanks faithful listener-

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