Wednesday, December 29, 2010

the 2011 me!!

i haf been thinking hard...wat should my goals for 2011 be??? hmmmm....finally i wrote down a list of things to do..all sounds realistic i guess..but some haf been my goals for years..n its still not achievable yet!! urgh!! will it be acheived in the year 2011?? i hope so! *fingers crossed*

#1: 365 project
this is gonna b my own project
i wanna learn to appreciate more
i will update daily what amazing thing God has done or taught me
i need to remember wat i learnt and also my blessings!

#2: lose some kilos!!
i need to shed off those excess weight!!!
not only to look better but healthier... =)
*this is wat i meant by goals not achieved for years!*

#3: be a great love one
i wish to b someone people around me can rely on
a shoulder for them to cry on..
a listening ear..
a trustworthy friend!
i wish to b a better friend!!! =)

#4: spend less!
i wish to b more kedekut..haha
i wanna save money!!!
less shoes, earrings and bags! =P

#5: He knows best
i wanna let God control fully my 2011
its not gonna b easy..but i know His plans are the best!
i need to let His will b done..not mine!
*this will b one of the hardest goals!*

#6: certified engineer
i wanna graduate in August!!
i cant wait to get my cert which i studied for 5 years!!

#7: earn my own $$$
i wanna get a good job!
earn n spend my own money!!
*proof of being a big girl..hehe*

#8: fly me away
i wanna haf time for my own too!
time to pamper myself and release tension
vacations help me cling on and get real happy with my love ones =)

#9: tidy and neat
i am definitely not very very tidy..haha
i need some of these traits next year!!
i wanna b a little more tidy!!

#10: going the extra mile
i wanna go the extra mile for everything i do
its time to give more than 100%..
i wanna b a blessings to others!

be a better me!!

-thanks faithful listener-

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