Thursday, December 23, 2010


yesterday was techflow's christmas nite..this time the musical play was entitled "BONDED"...and i was part of the audience..suprising? haha..i was so busy with careers unit that i din haf time to b part of the cast..huhu..kinda sad =( but i really wanna applaud all the cast and crew..they did a really great job!!! =)

mr mike..our advisor did the officiating

we had juwita suwito sing for the opening!!! ahhhh~! =D

this year..the play was about a pair of twins who were seperated when the hospital they were born in caught fire..the twin (Kelvin) was safe with his rich family..while the other twin (Sam) was mistaken and given to a poor family..after their graduation..they fell in love with the same girl (Maria) and Kelvin's dad recognize his lost son, Sam at Kelvin's and Maria's wedding..but with all the forgiveness..they ended up celebrating christmas together..with Sam's dad as well =)

~But if ye forgive not men their trespasses, neither will your Father forgive your trespasses~ Matthew 6:15

they danced!

there were those girlish gossipy scenes

they graduated after 3 years =)

they dated but their marriage were objected!! =P

the finale song was nice and sweet...



-thanks faithful listener-

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