Friday, December 10, 2010

seafood bbq buffet @ swiss garden

i jus came home from swiss garden hotel...n my tummy is so FULL!!! =) thanks to had a FREE seafood bbq buffet at Flavours..their beautiful restaurant..

beautiful and cozy

our private dining corner

once we arrived and wen the waiters left our table..we left too..haha..we went to get food!! =) om nom nom....all the way..hahhaa...

this is yummy!!
i learnt a new way to jus slurrppp the fresh oysters! =)

the grilled corner..
lobsters anyone??

so much food to enjoy..haha..
my 1st time trying fettuccine pasta..
its like the english 'koay teow'

sweet tooth calling!

oh dear..i ate my heart out..haha..n now im a little guilty coz im suppose to b on a mini diet plan..haha.. =P but i guess the storage tummy is full!!! i stopped! =)

bye bye swiss garden

i enjoyed this buffet date so so much!!!
*big smiles from me n my tummy*

-thanks faithful listener-

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