Sunday, December 12, 2010

i can only surrender

at times wen i feel that i am about to lose something precious,
my heart sinks to the lowest,
tears start to well up in my eyes,
and its so hard to put on fake smiles....

sometimes people see that im happy with my balloons,
but what im yearning for is a rainbow full of colours,
the balloons are jus like accessories,
but rainbows are my necessities...

i have always imagined rainbows filling up the air,
but im crushed when there is none out there,
i put in effort to wait after a drizzle,
but i dun even see dull colours twinkle...

i try to comfort myself,
that tomorrow a brighter rainbow will show itself,
i tried waiting longer after a drizzle,
but i only felt heavier drops of sprinkle...

being disappointed many times in a row,
makes me feel that a rainbow will never glow,
my heart breaks horribly,
for i know i want a rainbow terribly...

i have come to a place,
that my mind tells me i no longer have a chance,
im unsure if i will ever see a rainbow,
but it will b added in my prayer list now...

i surrender totally for HE is the only one that can make it come true,
HE knows best if a rainbow is what i shud persue,
its painful if HE decides that a rainbow is not what i need,
but trusting in HIS plans is what i need....

going through this makes me notice that im drawing closer to HIM,
i cant tell stories of this rainbow to anyone besides HIM,
HE is my best friend and i know HE understands,
thats y i will totally surrender to HIM my stands....


-thanks faithful listener-

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