Thursday, October 21, 2010

nerd in action!

its jus 3 days of being in the library for hours!! my routine is usually 9.30am to 12.00pm...then 2pm to 6pm..then 7.30pm to is 9 hours in the library!! gosh! at times it can gif u terrible headache..terrible boredom or crazyness... =/ but im grateful i got great company..chah has been accompanying me for the whole 9 hours!! n i think this is the only time we sit together but we dun chit chat or gossip..haha...we are becoming nerds!! OH NO!

i definitely am bored!!!

serious memorizing in progress

how to not feel bored when this is all we deal with?!

yesterday, after 6 hours of was really boring!! can u imagine 60 text book pages of data comm? wat bout 3 chapters of safety hazard? so we needed to spice things up b4 continuing to study for another 3 we did wat girls did best! photo sessions!! hahaha... =D

pretending to study? haha.. =P

notes and calculators..our meantime best frens..

i jus cant wait for 2nd november..i can no longer stand staying in the library for so long..huhu..i can never imagine myself facing books for such a long period of time for more than 9 hours..feel like womiting even for jus 9 hours...huhu!!! =(


to all studying crazily like me..
lets do our best!

-thanks faithful listener-

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