Thursday, October 14, 2010

im thinking of the ending already!!!

im thinking of my final exams..but not so much of wat to much i need to finish in a day..but more of wat i wanna do wen im done!! hahaha...

oh..for guilty purpose..haha..let me share a little bit bout my final exams..
1) data comm - 25/10/10
2) fiber optics - 28/10/10
3) process control - 31/10/10
4) sports management - 2/11/10

by the end of my last paper...wooohooo!!! i haf a list of places i wud love to go...

watch a movie!

girls shopping outing!!! =)

paddle boat in putrajaya or mebbe cruise and boat ride!!

ahhhh!! my favorite!
it doesnt matter if its a short and sweet one!
as long as im holiday-ing! =)

back to reality please...

-thanks faithful listener-

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