Sunday, October 10, 2010


such an auspicious date... 

i enjoyed most of this date in church since its a sunday.. 

let me list down 10 fun things i did today:

1) back up sing in church..i love God's presence
2) help put baby Ivane to sleep..not easy tho! haha
3) had yummy pork noodles at sri petaling..real yummy!
4) had cendol with 10 friends!
5) studied in the library alone..not fun..but..sumthing new..
6) met up with aisyah..nice chatting n gossipping..haha
7) when for cmas nite acting this year again!
8) when supper with half of 10 frens..hehe
9) had fun with bobby (my dog), baybee (my bee)
10) having an early rest!!! a self auspicious reward..hehe

10 of us drinking cendol! slurrp!

my cool macho mat rempit..woof woof!

my n my bee!

happy 10.10.10!!
hope u had fun!

-thanks faithful listener-

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