Tuesday, October 5, 2010

busy busy busy

ahhhh...its been long since i found time to sit in front of my lappy and type out a blog post..actually im not using my lappy oso..im in my uni computer lab..huhu...stranded here doin research =(

my life this month i forsee is gonna b stressful!!! =( and im gonna hate it..but once its over..i cannot imagine the joy n fun im gonna contain myself with!! hhahahaha.. *evil*

urgh!! i hate!
my to do list is like going on and on and on...

my project...fyp!!
who like this must b crazily nerdish!!

group assignments and presentations..
getting everyone in the group to work is mentally draining!!

final exams are jus around the corner..
scary!! gotta revise revise revise! =/

wish me luck coping with my new hobby!
needs a lot of discipline and passion! =P

ok..mr.books is asking me out on a date!
bye everyone!

oh ya! good luck to all PMR students!

-thanks faithful listener-

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