Tuesday, October 5, 2010

seoul garden ioi mall

last sunday...i went for dinner at seoul garden, ioi mall! its a buffet steamboat + bbq...sounds yummy?? hehe...i shall let the pictures tell the story ok? =) enjoy.....dun let ur saliva drip! hehe..

its RM40 per pax
its cheaper on weekdays..

some cooked food..
but the front row is not k! haha
the butter crab was kinda yummy!

this is my favorite..
fishballs and marinated meat! bbq time!

noodles anyone?

healthy people..this is ur favorite corner i guess..haha
vege vege vege...

there are many many different sauce..
but the korean sauce is really yummy!

its really fun cooking..
n of coz the food is yummy..
i love the BBQ spread!

this is the drinks corner...slurrp!

this bowl of blended ice has a very funny story behind it..
hahaha...too embarrassed to share!

after eating for almost 2 hours....it was time to stop..
*thumbs up*

-thanks faithful listener-