Wednesday, October 13, 2010

smiles in putrajaya!

suddenly we felt that we wanted to go to putrajaya to just to take pictures..haha..and we know its gonna b fun..coz taking pictures is our hobby!!! weee~! =)

on the way there! even bobby is ready! haha

we chose to take pictures near the tasik cruise was nice with mr.sun! =) crazy ones...sweet ones..funny ones..hahaha...had a great laugh at ourselves too!!

miss aisyah who made the photo tyme so crazieee!

putrajaya main mosque..nice!

enjoying the sun?? haha

i love the wind!

i like this picture..cute? hehe

up next are all crazy pictures..haha...we were having fun n we didnt bother who was watching..haha..luckily aisyah enjoyed the crazy session as much as i did!

malaysian merlion?? haha

water got into ur ear?? that's a lot~!

i love this strip!!
big hugs to u, my fren!!!

-thanks faithful listener-

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