Thursday, October 7, 2010

super duper early birthday, aisyah!

its a few weeks early..but my bestie's birthday falls on a few days before yesterday was the best day to celebrate it! we decided to go japanese style..haha..we chose to dine in Kikyo @ bandar puteri..there are lots of as usual during busy will do the story telling..hehe =P

here's the "early" birthday girl!

this is bestie too!

and this is ME ;-)

since this is a buffet, we need to ensure that we make it worthwhile..
so order order order!!! haahaha

salmon!!! its really fresh...yum yum!

unagi temaki

cawanmushi..din really enjoy this..the taste is a little salty

unagi..its not so crispy but ok!

tori karaage

kimchi udon

fried udon

tempura...i like!!

the ice cream bday cake! hehe

yati jus loves the soup so much!!

i cant stop ordering salmon!!!
have i told u lately that i love salmon?

haha..hope she loves this the most! =P

three musketeers!

happy bday chah!! welcome to the 22 club!

the organizers =)

B.F.A fabulous!

HAPPY "early" 22nd BIRTHDAY, CHAH!!!

-thanks faithful listener-

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