Saturday, November 7, 2009

end of the sem = emptying my house!!!!

i jus cud not believe wat i went tru las friday!!!!!!! it was the end of every sem we haf to shift..sumthing dat i hate most!! can u imagine clearing all the things i have for a sem in a few hours?? i have to drag myself to do it every sem!!! ahhhhh...

to make things worse..i haf to do it alone this exam ended the latest among all my the nex day is the day everyone was goin home..early in the morning..i had the key of my new apartment..thanks en nizam!!! :) after that i went to meet pastor for sum 'counselling' session..den i went for the friday afternoon prayer was really great to c how the african brothers come together to pray for the church..(it was my 1st time..oppss!!)

at 3pm i started packing my stuff...i din noe wer to start!!! my things were my the hall..its EVERYWHERE!!! argh...n i dun even wanna think of carrying all my stuff to my new room which is not near..eeee!

i was like that guy...i had to carry all my stuff which took me 8 rounds..from block 3 to block 2..if i had my sure it will only take me lesser than 4 rounds..but no matter wat..lets start moving!!! but i thank God..yati helped me with the fridge b4 she left.. :)

to add on to the burden for my legs n arms..its not only a block away..but 2 story high!!! ahhh....i hate carrying heavy stuff up the stairs..days walking up empty handed was already a grumble..n now with loads of cosmetics, textbooks, a sem of clothes, food i wish i had a lift!!!

by the 5th was already was getting dark..n i had to rush to b in time for cell group in church at 8pm...gotta move faster val!!! n u noe wat..the cats arent very scared to cats..n they are running all over!!! urgh...i wud haf to chase them away with the heavy stuff in my hands..felt like poisoning them...urgh!! but i took the subject moral for a reason..hahaha...

phew!! by 7.50pm..all done!!! i was like soaked in sweat!!! it seems as tho i ran 10km non hands were shivering..never in my life i carried so much stuff in 5 hours..i really missed my maid then.. :P

he looked sweaty?? i think i was worse!! :D

this proofs to me one thing..haha..i need to lessen 50% of my things nex sem..but urm..i guess sum that i carried were my hsemates'..they left bits n pieces of their the kitchen tupperwares, toiletries, food stock..that made me extra trips!!!!! urgh........watever it is...its done!!! oh more thing it strong..haha... :P

to juniors of uniten..make sure u bring stuff can u can carry at the end of the sem..if not..u'll regret!!! wakaka...

-thanks faithful listener-


  1. Y the murni staircase so new and nice??? or it's not murni staircase?

  2. haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa~kesian val..
    x dpt tlg..T_T

  3. wee ser: no time 2 snap pic la..too tired d..googled a nicer one..haha...

    chah: i dun care..u must cook 'soup' for me nex sem!!!x kire...