Friday, November 6, 2009

1st sem of 3rd year is completed!!!

i hope its 100% completed..hehe..i dun wanna resit any papers..sum are really tough.. :( huhu......but no matter wat..once its 99% done (1% = results) ...its time 2 have fun!!!! no more days in more days studying till weee hours of the more nescafe!! haha.....hurraayyyy!!!!

last paper was 2.30 to 5.30 yesterday..n it was a paper dat i jus can leave my sit after 3 hours of eagerness to finish...its was finally over!!!! den we (chah, yati, mit, anita, wen yih n me) wen to the curve :)

1st program on the list was to eat the meatballs in IKEA..haha...aisyah was really craving for jom!!! (since she waited for 2 days to go lepak with us)....everytime i went to the surely to eat the meatballs n the daim cake..oh so delicious!!!! :)

~nyum nyum~

after eating....we went shopping at the curve....i loved this new shop..DAISO..its motto "everything not more than 5" urm..i bought a few cool stuff n realized that a few of 5 makes many!!! hahahaha... :P

our best spot for a full group photo... :)

at around 9.30..we walked along the walkstreet..dunno wat u call that..sorry!!! n no nite market today..only on we started to take pics..hehehe...

girls who is done wit 3rd year sem 1..haha

we spotted a new green was previously red :P was muvee time..i was hoping i dun sleep in the cinema..i was really tired due to the lack of rest so many days due to burnin the midnite oil..haha...but the movie was 7/10 ★ n i din sleep!!! yahuuuu.... :D it was sort of a thriller kinda movie...demon possesed..eating of people...eewwww!!! all the gross i jus cud not sleep..haha..

us and jennifer..wakaka...

jus cant wait to spend more happy moments this weekend!!!! n the 3 weeks holidays altho i wil b packed with sponsorship for career n cmas nite...practicing acting for cmas nite..seems packed to the max!!!!! n im thinking how to shift all my things later alone..yati n aisyah goin back soon...huhuhu.... :(

for those travelling...have a safe journey!!!! make sure i c u peeps in one piece nex sem!!! :)

-thanks faithful listener-


  1. Hey Val, Daiso is also in Singapore. It costs $2 per item! cool! I love that shop

    And yeah Marche's great. Love it =)

  2. hello rize.....$2?? about the same if we convert the currency..but i wud love to visit it there!! i wil b goin singapore in a weeks time.. :)any 'must visit' place in singapore u wud recommend???