Wednesday, November 18, 2009

last 2 days in singapore....

my las two days in singapore was a leisure ride..hehe...not much of rushing for scheduled activities...i was in the hotel till about 4pm..i did walk along orchard road..i did sum stops at the shopping malls..but they were the expensive malls unlike bugis street wer i can shop shop the package of the city tour bus that i had yesterday..i was entitled to choose either the 'jurong bird park'..'singapore zoo'..'mini toys musuem' or 'the nite safari'..n i chose the nite safari... :P

can u spot the wolf?? - this was during the exotic animal show

exciting tribal performance

i had fun finding for the animals in the dark...hehe

i was in the safari for almost 3 hours..n i was 60% scared..hehe..i was thinking wat if an animal was let loose in the dark..its gonna b so hard to find n worse if it turns out to b beside me...ahhhh!!!! :P once i reached back to the was late already..time for bed..hehhe...

my flight back to penang was 5pm...but i haf to check out by in the morning i wen to the national orchid garden..orchid is singapore's national flower...

its 5 dollars entrance..but worth it all if u love flowers..

the white species..haha..cant remember the scientific name..

the most common ones..haha

the yellow orchid lane..

it has a sign photo its a must to snap snap snap.. :P

since its november...the cmas decorations are up..n since im staying along orchard road..its really so in the cmas mood now..haha...i've got too many pics so i combined the ones i like.. :)

thanks to my mum for this trip!!! its like a holiday after the busyness n before the busyness..hehe..i had fun!! weee~! n there are so many other plans in singapore..i do hope one day i wud b able to go there with my frens..there are so many roller coasters coming has even branch out rite?? all in all for this alone i spend 800 ringgit...inclusive of chili to all places n accomodation...oh ya! n sum shopping!!! :)

this is love from singapore for that special someone..hehe.. (u noe who u are!!)

-thanks faithful listener-

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  1. sempat lg berblog!!
    best x??shopping byk x???
    take care kt uniten :p