Sunday, November 22, 2009

blessed birthday, mr mike!!!

thats me n the bday man!! :)

mr mike..hmmm..i 1st knew him at my 1st techflow meeting in 2006..i din noe him that well then..he was jus the club advisor to me..

after my 1st cmas nite..1941 the memoir..i was kinda close to him as i sprained my ankle n he was so concern..since then..he was no longer the scary advisor i tot he was..haha...den wen i was in the committee..both his n my true colours came out..hehe..he was like the sporting advisor who understood the students...everytime we cracked a matter how unappropriate..he will go with our flow... :)

in the year 2007 i was adam..due to duties..i became really close to him as i need to seek for his opinion all the time b4 making a decision n he is really patient..he never scolds matter how irrelevant our suggestions may be..he alwiz explains things to us in a very understanding manner...wat a nice advisor to work with....

on his bday..the cast n i called him and sang him a bday sure he was surprised!!! hehehe.. :D n looking back on these pictures..i miss hanging around with him during committee planning retreats...hmmmmm...


the closeness we share....awwww

a short prayer for mr mike... :)

heavenly father..i pray that u will continue to bless mr mike as he continues to b a blessing to so many ppl around him..i pray that u wil walk beside him everyday..guiding him in everythin he does..strengthening his faith in u everyday and Lord..bless him n his family with ur love, joy and peace..bless him Jesus name i pray..amen!


-thanks faithful listener-

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