Thursday, November 19, 2009

hello to miss B.U.S.Y back in uni on tues evening..i manage to spend some precious moments..hehe..i had dinner at a new shop in summit..i cant remember the shop's name..huhu..but i had chicken teriyaki n mushroom was yummy!!! :) after that i watched the!! it was 2 n a half hours..but it din really feel like was exciting..a lil scary..i should say its worth 8/10 ★....those who haven watch..make sure u do!!!! :P now back in uni..ahhhh!!! i haven even carried everythin out from my booth..yesterday morning i had to start calling the companies for fair is in this coming february..dun miss ur opportunity to meet with the company reps ya!!!

den in the afternoon till nite..i was busy acting..singing..dancing..haha..its time 2 prepare intensively for cmas nite...wonder wat role im playing?? come watch me at dewan sri saujana, uniten on 8th of december 7.30pm!!!!! haha...or if u wish to donate..pls let me noe too..we wil b donating to 3 homes...a shelther home, home for the orphans and also the spastic kids...

okie okie..enuf of promo..back to sum funny updates..there is a scene wer my fren, mark has to date with a foundation it was like on the spot match make..hahah..mark is a joker!!!! n with daniel there..oh no!!! mark jus cant b serious..we had a good laugh..n for the 1st time..mark blushed!!!! :P

all in all..i thank God for the smooth practice yesterday..most of the scenes are now falling in place..n i thank God for all that haf volunteered to help us the cast..especially in singing n dancing!!!! thanks peeps!!!

i better b signin off..gotta get ready for practice!!!!!

-thanks faithful listener-

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