Tuesday, November 10, 2009

happy 40th birthday!!!!

today SESAME STREET turns 40!!! wow!! it means sesame street already exist in 1969..wen i was young..i was definitely a sesame street fan..i like big bird..hehe..now i stil like it..but of coz im not so crazy over it anymore..but i can sit tru one episode of it..no problem at all..they are very lively..n i really think that kids nowadays shud continue watching it rather than cartoons like ben 1o, power rangers and other violent cartoons..sesame street is really educational.. :)

i din noe it was their bday til my google put up some sesame street doodles..very very cute..these are the few that i love....

cookie monster

my favorite ~ big bird

bert & ernie

the count

sesame street family

las holiday wen i visited australia...i had the opportunity to visit sesame street beach party.. :) it was meant for kids actually..but since im a foreigner..they allowed me in..yay!!! hehe..i enjoyed their performances n of coz the goodies too... :D


my childhood bestie

if u sit tru a full episode of sesame street..u wil realize they potray very good manners n educational values...one thing i really remember is elmo is very manje n loving..i like!!! hahaha

i love u too!!! :)

(may u continue to produce great episodes..i wud love my kids to watch them!)

-thanks faithful listener-

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