Saturday, April 13, 2013

city of gold: Dubai

this happened back in February..quite late but worth sharing.. =) it was during chinese new year holiday and we just decided to leave the country..this was the first chinese new year granny is not around.. =( 

we flew with singapore airlines and the totally journey was around 8 hours..

when you see know you are in Dubai!!
the tallest building in the world!!!

dubai museum..i am not a fan of museum..
i dont really like reading history!!
i live in 2013~!! hahaha

this is a 'water taxi'
takes me from the new dubai to the old dubai

there were sooo many spices sold!!
souvenirs, herbs, cookies, sweets!!!!

this is across the street
the city and street of GOLD!!!!

the biggest chunk of gold!!!
where are the guards???!!!

look at the way they sell gold!!
like selling chicken by the roadside!!! haha! =)

however, my family and i didnt buy any gold..we couldnt believe that REAL gold can be sold this way!! but actually many tourist bought them and were given certificates!! so i think its selling is 18K gold =)

stay tune for more about my first experience in the desert =)

-thanks faithful listener-

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