Friday, April 26, 2013

Asian Water Village

a few colleagues and I decided to have a BBQ party...some were bringing their families and therefore a place too far from KL is not really a good idea =) so after a few discussions..we are going to Asian Water Village..its only in puchong!

camping tents are available for overnights

once we arrive, we had to take a boat across the lake...approximately 5 mins ride only...the entrance fee already included water it was PLAY time!!!! the games are definitely must-try!! so much FUN!!!!!!!! =)

after almost 2 hours playing the in was time for BBQ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

so much food to BBQ!!!

food can only be ordered from the management

lets begin!!!


FIRE!!! hahahah!

great company

 great atmosphere!!!

 after eating for almost two was time to leave this small man made island...a place i would come again! =)

ME TOO! =)

-thanks faithful listener-

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