Saturday, April 13, 2013

happy birthday mummy!!

mummy turned 58 in Dubai =) today we decided to dine with mum in Al Mahara - world's exclusive restaurant in Burj was a soooo many course fine dining dinner!

the grand entrance

 we were first served with yummy soft rolls with all sorts of butter
seaweed, garlic and orginal

we were also served with a yummy fish soup to dip with the bread

appetizer: shrimp sashimi with octopus

prawn broth

pan seared scallop

my main dish: super delicious!!!
fish wrapped in basil!

before the desserts, we were given lemon sorbet
it was said to cleanse our taste buds!

lastly was our yummy chocolate dessert with gold leaf!

 this huge aquarium was right in front of where we sat!
this huge fish is George! cutie!

happy birthday and valentines Mummy!

a year older, a year prettier!

Happy Birthday MUMMY!!!!!

-thanks faithful listener-

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