Saturday, April 13, 2013

burj al arab - Dubai

this is the HIGHLIGHT of my trip!!! weeee~!!!! the most expensive hotel in the world!!! BURJ AL-ARAB!!!

i am finally here!!!

as soon as we checked in, we were treated like kings and queens!! amazing place, amazing food and great great service!!! =) totally deserving to be called the most expensive hotel!

look at the view!!! STUNNING!

fresh lobster cooked to perfection!

let me show you around my room!!! its a hotel which feels like a bungalow inside!!! HUGE, COMFORTABLE and STYLISH!!!!

the view from our room!!

our welcoming drink

my living room for 2 days!! hahaha! =)

this is room number 1

the bed is soooo comfy!!!

toilet which can fit 10 people!!!

this is my room for the night! =)

this is my brother's room for the night! =)

super classy!

time to soak and relax!!
all toiletries are HERMES!! =)

staying in this hotel comes with free tickets to WILD WADI waterpark..amazing water roller coaster!!! mum and bro could take the craziness so i sat alone!! ADRENALINE RUSH! =)

time to splash it out!! FUN!

 so much fun!!! =)

time to get back and relax and celebrate mum's birthday at the most exclusive seafood restaurant! =)

-thanks faithful listener-

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