Saturday, April 13, 2013

desert safari Dubai

i was very excited for this as this is the 2nd highlight of my tour!!! =) the truck or jeep came and pick us up from the hotel..then of we went!!!! its about one hour from the city..

look at the WILD ride...
my awesome driver gave me a safe journey! haha =)
it was really a very bumpy ride!!!!

time to run up the hilly desert!!
the sand is really soft but very very windy!
thankful that is was 'winter' in Dubai..18'C

finally arrived up here!
hello mummy who is down there!! hahaha! =P


after taking lots of pictures at the hilly desert area..its time to continue our journey to the campsite =) another hilly bumpy ride!! WEAR YOUR SEAT BELTS!!! =)

here we are...very very nice ambiance! love it!

there are so many things to try in this campsite!! from sand boarding to shisha.... =)

sandboarding time!!!

AHHHHHH!!!! dush!!!!

camel riding

posing with a falcon!! eeee!

BBQ dinner!!! YUMS!

there are also some performances which are very unique..something for sure Malaysia doesnt have!! =)

twirling man!!!

love his costume!!

belly dancing!!!!!
shake that belly and booty! hahaha =)

this is really a great experience...something i really enjoyed!!! =)

-thanks faithful listener-

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