Friday, April 12, 2013

A short getaway, Cherating

it was a very spontaneous short weekend to cherating..approximately 3 to 4 hours drive from KL =)

the hotel i choose to stay at is Hotel Impiana Cherating..around RM250 per night..affordable right?? =)

the view from the lobby

my room for 2 nights! cosy!

the view from my room!!!
love the sound of the waves...wuisshhh!

i would like to share two main restaurants i had was really was not worth it!!

restaurant number 1

 the dishes we ordered

this is my favorite!!!! YUMS!

restaurant number 2

this is their speciality dish!

this is NOT yummy at all!!!!
super expensive too!!!! RM8 plus for one stuffed crab!

first time i needed this!!! OH NO!!!

before we checked out..we had some time to swim in the pool and walk around the hotel...

time to relax =)

 read a book?
~nerd mode~ hahaha!

 play time too!!!!!


overall its a nice stay..but i recommend going between June to September because at this time..there are turtle release program!! really cool!!! =) RM10 per baby turtle only...

-thanks faithful listener-

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