Sunday, November 18, 2012

suprise 24th birthday!!!!

this was back in october too!!! 2nd week of october i its a really belated birthday surprise..but my friends got me really well!!!

here is what actually happened...

it was a very rushing weekend and 'P' asked if i could go with him to buy a belt..he really needed it as his current buckle broke!! without thinking much..i agreed..along the way..he told me that wondermilk was having a 'Buy 1 free 1'..i was actually very tired that day so i just went with the flow..

when i went in the shop i was all crazy about the cute little cupcakes!! =) i was busy choosing and wondering where is the promotion?? no where to be found!!! but 'P' still insisted we should have some..i was super blur when i saw Yati and Aisyah and i sat on a different table!!!! OMG!!! and soon enuf i knew this was for me!! AHHHH!!!

my girls....

a must have photography! =)

more...hahahaha!! =)

this has been a very suprising party...thanks so much my girls and your other really made my day!! totally no hints!!! =)

 thank you all!!!!!

 -thanks faithful listener-

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