Wednesday, November 28, 2012

hello my home, Penang

this is a really outdated post..sorry! but i really had a great time back home with dear =) we drove home to attend his friend's wedding celebration..we spent 3 days back home..amazing time with great food! =)

thumbs up laksa...
this is near kek lok si market =)

super duper yummilicious!!!

it is his first time being in penang after straits quay its a must visit place for sure!! the yacht gives me the aspiration to own one..hahaha!!! =D

my future yacht will be parked here!! some day~! =)

after eating so new lane, sua tow lane..and so many more..its time for the main purpose..the wedding!!! =) 

Congrats Howard and Vivien!!!

adorable door gifts

 after the wedding..his friends wanted to go to a nearby mamak to catch up..its been some time since they last met..these are his form 6 friends!! super long time ago!! =) it was nice to meet his friends too!

line clear!!

one of the famous food that he was really looking forward to is the APOM! =)

accordingly this uncle has made apom for the royalties..!!

super yummy!! the best breakfast ever!

so soon it was time to drive back to K.L =( i remember how much i wished i didnt have to!! but no matter where i am..i know he will be around =) close to me!!! awwwww~!!!!

-thanks secret keeper-

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