Monday, November 19, 2012


it is always a little more fun when you are out for work not alone!!! =) here are some photos of the fun i had in Malacca...

our 1st Malacca meal

satay celup!!! YUM!

the most famous street

Jonker street!!!

very baba nyonya styled hotel..
Hotel Puri

giants??? haha

our 2nd day was all about walking around this historical much fun and i feel so patriotic to my country explaining the history to my German friends..haha =)

kincir air..oh no!! i dunno what this is called in english!! =P

maritime museum

malacca river cruise..
i just found out that this river is in the shape of a dragon!! =)

taming sari tower!

the famous plane!! haha

trishaw ride...

the famous wall that has protected my country

smile!!! everybody that climbed up those stairs need to pose here!
its a rule!! haha

duck tours..heard of it?
this 'duck' can go on land and sea!!!

streets of malacca!!
lovely and sweet with honey sticks...

Portuguese settlement

i had so much fun this trip..just being less serious during a "business" trip =)

-thanks faithful listener-

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