Wednesday, November 21, 2012


this is my 2nd time in Jakarta..but this time i was a little luckier.. =) i got to go on a business trip with a colleague..usually im alone during business trips!! =( this country is very near Malaysia..but honestly the lifestyle there is very different..there are people who are really really poor and super super rich!! and the traffic jam is CHAOS!!

since i have a friend with me today..its time to explore a small part of the busy off we went to MONAS (monument nasional) right after we landed and checked in our hotel =)

here i am!!!

there was a horse 'carriage' at the entrance

this is 'bajai'..we didnt try this..
during my last trip i tried the 'ojek'..motorcycle taxi!!
it was SCARY along the crazy jammed roads!!
thank God im alive!! =)

along our way back to the hotel..
i spotted heart broke when she begged from me! =(
all she was asking was 1000 rupiah..its only a few cents in RM..

the next day it was all about work and living the life at the richer side of working of coz..


i met with this Indian customer which was really hard to handle!! =( he was shouting at the top of his voice and was really asking and talking about rubbish!! super difficult to handle and it was my 1st business trip where i spoke till my voice shattered..i was about to cry!! =(

after all the stress..i needed food and shopping therapy!!!

we had fine italian dinner..
mine is the picture on the bottom right.. =)
my German friend said Bintang was yummy!!

all in all it was a great trip..handling a tough customer with grace..seeing a small part of the country and seeing what it really was to be called poverty! =(
thanks for sharing this great trip Florian! =)

-thanks faithful listener-

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