Saturday, November 17, 2012

back to my hometown, Penang.....

it was one weekend in october that we decided to drive back home for his friend's wedding..since its in penang, its time to have lots of yummy food too!!! =) it was just a 3 days 2 nights trip...

started our morning with dim sum!! YUMS!

upon arrival to my fav laksa stall near kek lok si =)

AHHH...i wish i can cook like uncle..
but i think the secret is kept under the pot..hahaha! =P

oops..sushi is a must again!! =P
cute lil froggy with seaweed

this is also my favorite!!! AHHH!!!
so many food that i love along this street...
~new lane~

this is straits quay!! =)

love this... =)

so here is the main reason why we came to Penang.. =)

love the door gifts!!

 all his school mates =)
it was great to meet them and to see who his friends were back then =)

mamak sessions are always a good bonding time!
look at the line clear "boss"!! haha...

a yummy breakfast before our journey back to KL

super yummy and it is his favorite!!! =)

bye bye penang...i will see you very soon!!!!! =)

-thanks faithful listener-

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