Wednesday, November 28, 2012

My first bestie to be married!!!

from the moment i found out that Afwan (the husband) asked Nissa (the wife & my bestie) to marry him, i was super excited for them!! to see their journey unfold to this blissful marriage is such a happy thing!! =)

here is my dearest bestie

the sweet couple during akad nikah!

with the official husband and wife.. =)

 a picture with all her pinky girls.. =)
this shot was hard to take!! haha

~that's the akad nikah~

beautiful couple for the 'sanding' at nissa's side...

the cute photobooth!!

we still need to be crazy during a wedding! haha! =)

~that's the wedding at Nissa's side~

this is during afwan's side... =)

its like a mini reunion here! weee~!

me with another bestie of mine who is the pengapit!

this is such a great celebration..super happy to see two of my very good friends now being called husband and wife!!!

Dear Afwan and Nissa,

love one another everyday!! when disagreements take over..remember the days when afwan sang love songs to you and remember the days when nissa was willing to go the extra mile for you!! =)

looking forward to double dates with you and little kids of yours calling me 'auntie val' =)


-thanks faithful listener-

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