Thursday, March 8, 2012

bears unite!!

last month, there was a huge bear 'fiesta' in pavilion mall...and im working nearby so of coz i got to know about it and i was excited!! its like a must go for me..hahaha..added it to my list! =)

see the line of bears??
this is like the few of them..there were many more!!! =)

this bear is filled with my favorite flowers!!

hello st. patrick!!

spot the pretty korean princesses??

just love this bear..he looks very garden-ish..haha

apa khabar?? hehe
this is our malaysian bear!!! isnt he cute?
love his snickers..hehe

this is the couple bear aka unity bear! =)
love this photo spot..glad i have mine!

thanks pavilion for organizing this!!
i think there were almost 100 bears!!!
BRAVO to all the artist! =)

stay tune for what i have been up to other than bears..hahahah...

-thanks faithful listener-

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