Tuesday, March 6, 2012

a must visit in Germany: Heidelberg~!!

i have been sooo excited to blog about this place i visited...it is one of the most romantic place that i have been!!! ahhhh! i miss Heidelberg!!! huhu.......

i went to this place with two of my newly met friends, Huo and Paerhati.. =) thank God i was not alone in this gorgeous town!!! we left our hotel at 6am just so that we will have enuf time in the town cause we could only have a day trip...

we ended up being too early!!
so we visited the zoo..hehehe

hello zebras...hehe

huge pelicans!!

cute sheep!! meekkk! =)

time for lunch!!!!
we got to choose our own toppings..yum!!!!

time to walk around the town.. =)
shop around for souvenirs..
we exchanged gifts too..haha..
since i mite not be meeting them anymore after this training..hehe

can u see layers that look like a tower?
thats a famous symbol for christmas in germany!

after walking for hours..we came to the end..
the famous river and great view!!
i totally fell in love with the scenery....ahhhh!

love the view that we couldnt stop taking pictures..hahaha
all of us are overwhelmed with how beautiful this place is!!!

 lovely rite???

time to visit the castle...
took the tram up to also find the biggest wine cell!

check out the view from up here!!!
i could just stand here for hours and admire its beauty!

ta-daa!!! this is where Heidelberg Gluhwein is stored!
hahahahha =)

time to say goodbye to this beautiful city!!!

a very special town - Heidelberg!

I MISS YOU, heidelberg!!!

thats all folk! this post ends my stories about germany! =)

-thanks faithful listener-

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