Friday, March 9, 2012

jalan jalan cari makan at port dickson!

it was the weekend when i was kinda free and having him out of i organize a one night trip to port dickson with many many stops to jalan jalan cari makan! hehehee...the drive from kl to port dickson is only approximately 90 a day trip is also possible =)

this is the 1st stop
lucky restaurant at lukut
the funny thing is..its not famous for seafood..haha..

they are famous for these!!!!
curry chicken bun....

ta-daa!!! looks and taste super yummy!!
i tapau-ed another one on my way back!!
its not expensive as well..this is feed 4 adults and only RM18! =)

that was our lunch..after that we headed to our hotel to check in..we chose tiara beach resort..the main reason was because it has a waterpark in the resort.. =)

us lazing on the bed..
feel like taking a nap after a yummy lunch..hahaha..
but we didnt..we checked out the facilities!

a fun kids area

fun for us...weee~!

i love the slides..
not too scary..just nice! hahahaha... =P

both of them wen cycling..i didnt cause i dun know how..oops my embarrassing secret is out!!! ahhhh! *hides under pillow* wen the sun was not shining like fire..we decided to go to the beach...weee~! sandcastle time  =) sorry i din have any photos cause we were too excited playing in the sand..hehe

but this is my favorite shot for the evening..

on our way back..time to look for food again!! dinner time!! hehehehe...we decided to have it at Norain's village..the place looked a bit simple and run down but food was THUMBS UP!

look at our yummy food..
we had tomyam, kicap chicken, taufu, egg, vege and rice
5 people only RM 38! =)

the next morning..we went for a swim again.. =) splash splash splash!! hehehe...den it was time to check out..time flies when we are having fun..just wonder why! hahaha...on our was time to look for food again!! hahahhaa....feel like a piggy! hahaha...

place for our lunch!!
can u guess what they serve?

woooo!!! ayam panggang!!
 very very yummy...their sauce is good!

here's the sauce! =)

what a great weekend with a very full stomach..hahaha..great food and affordable...amazing road trip!!!

goodbye port dickson (PD)!!!

-thanks faithful listener-

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