Sunday, March 4, 2012

my journey in Rothenburg

its the 2nd weekend of my stay in best tour guide and driver, Mr Pecs decided to bring us to Rothenburg..YAY!!!!

this is Mr Pecs.. =)
very friendly and fun person!!

blowing the horn to tell everyone im here!! hahaha

only the smallest man could here..hahaha...

and the watch man is angry i stole his horn!! =P

oh ya..germans have the nicest dogs!!
love their fur!

love this wall..i dunno the reason y..
but i just love it!!!!

after being all excited over the things time to check out the tourist spots!!! =)

hello santa!!!

teddy house...100% cuteness!

this is the famous nut cracker!

time to sip my favorite hot chocolate! =)

the cutest ever vehicle.. =)

the tower behind is the famous one..
its where all the watch man guards this town!!

this is wurzburg..
a town on our way back to regensburg..

ahhhh...i miss germany!!!!!!!!

stay tune for the next will be the last post about my stay in germany!!! =)

-thanks faithful listener-

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